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by David Manser©

Isinglass (Isonomy - Dead Lock), a foal of 1890, was bred following the most remarkable series of events imaginable. A gentleman by the name of Captain Machell acquired Dead Lock for a mere 19 guineas and sent her to Isonomy. The resulting colt from this union was named Islington and was foaled in 1888. Dead Lock was subsequently disposed of prior to Islington commencing his racing career.

On the racetrack Islington showed some promise in his early career and Captain Machell began to have regrets about having disposed of Dead Lock. Upon making enquiries he found that Dead Lock had been sold on several occasions since she left his care. He despaired of ever being able to trace her current whereabouts as his enquiries had proven fruitless. Incredibly, he was reunited with Dead Lock when, during a chance visit by someone wishing to inspect his cart stallion, Marvellous, he recognised her as the mare pulling the visitor's cart. A deal was struck whereby the visitor left with a marvellous colt and Captain Machell regained Dead Lock.

ISINGLASS' RACE RECORD: 12 Starts for 11 Wins (1892 to 1895) 1893 - Triple Crown Winner Major wins included : 2000 Guineas - Newmarket The Derby - Epsom St Leger - Doncaster Eclipse Stakes - Sandown Ascot Gold Cup - Ascot Jockey Club Stakes Princess of Wales' Stakes Newmarket Stakes

Isinglass is the only horse to ever win the Triple Crown, the Ascot Gold Cup and the Eclipse Stakes. His performances on the racetrack were reputedly characterised by phenomenal speed combined with apparently bottomless reserves of stamina. An indication of his ability can be gleaned from the observation that he was lazy in his training efforts and would only do as much as was necessary to win when competing in a race. His only conqueror was Raeburn (by St. Simon) in the Lancashire Plate. During his racing career, Isinglass amassed total prize money of 57455. This remained a record for a staggering 60 years until it was finally eclipsed by Tulyar which had, in achieving this distinction, benefited enormously from the higher prize money on offer and increased opportunities to compete which had arisen in the intervening period.

BREEDING: Isinglass was the product of two very well bred parents. His sire, Isonomy, was by Sterling, which descended in tail male from Eclipse via a succession of influential stallions - Eclipse - Pot-8-o's - Waxy - Whalebone - Sir Hercules - Birdcatcher - Oxford - Sterling. Each of these stallions was amongst the leaders of their respective generations. Isonomy's dam, Isola Bella, was a daughter of Stockwell and this proved to be a crucial factor in the pedigree pattern of Isinglass.

Dead Lock was one of the goldmine daughters of Wenlock (Lord Clifden - Mineral). His genetic strength was primarily gained from the pedigree of his dam, Mineral, a daughter of Rataplan, full brother to Stockwell. They were sons of one of the most revered broodmares in the Stud Book, Pocahontas. The dam of Dead Lock was Malpractice (Chevalier D'Industrie - The Dutchman's Daughter) a tail female descendant of Everlasting.

Pedigree of Isinglass compliments of the Del Mar Query

The pedigree of Isinglass is distinguished by three key interrelated features: firstly, the duplication of Pocahontas via full brothers; secondly, the duplication of Everlasting - a daughter of Eclipse; and thirdly, the concentration in sire lines tracing to Eclipse.

Overriding all other elements of significance in the pedigree of Isinglass is the superb placement of the duplication of Pocahontas via the full brothers Stockwell and Rataplan. Stockwell was the damsire of Isonomy while Rataplan was the damsire of Wenlock, sire of Dead Lock. This places Pocahontas 4x5 in the pedigree of Isinglass - perfectly positioned to exert a dominant influence in the genetic mix. In order to gain a full understanding of the importance of this duplication, an examination of the pedigree of the brothers Stockwell and Rataplan would be beneficial. These brothers were by The Baron out of Pocahontas and this union brought together a veritable wealth of genetic strength.

The pedigree of Pocahontas saw the introduction of Web - a full sister to the brothers Whalebone and Whisker (Waxy - Penelope). The importance of this, which can not be stressed enough, was that Web brought female genetic material from both Waxy and Penelope to the union to complement the male genetic material contributed by Whalebone and Whisker. The progeny of Waxy and Penelope fused together for the first time the lines of Eclipse, Herod and Matchem - the three horses considered to be the origin of the "modern" Thoroughbred. There was, thereby, a dramatically increased chance of these full siblings passing on to Pocahontas a far greater number and variety of superior genes from their parents.

Waxy was a son of Pot-8-o's, perhaps the best son of Eclipse, while Penelope was by Trumpator out of Prunella, a Highflyer mare. This would prove to be significant in the progressive build-up of the pedigree of Isinglass as his fractional ancestors introduced more descendants of Waxy and Penelope. Web was the dam of the half sisters Filagree (by Soothsayer) and Trampoline (by Tramp). In turn, Filagree was the dam of Bay Middleton, which will be discussed later.

Trampoline was a far more significant daughter of Web in a genetic sense, as she was by Tramp. He was by Dick Andrews (himself out of a Highflyer mare) out of a Gohanna mare. This Gohanna mare (there was more than one described as such in the General Stud Book) was out of Fraxinella, a daughter of a Woodpecker mare (again there was more than one of these) out of Everlasting - by Eclipse. Gohanna was by Mercury (also a son of Eclipse) out of a Herod mare out of Maiden (1770) - a direct tail female ancestor of The Baron. The same daughter of Maiden from which The Baron descends (Matron) produced the tail female line of Camel (Whalebone - Selim mare ex Maiden (1801) great grand daughter of Maiden (1770). Interestingly, Tramp's half sister, Mrs Cruickshanks (by Welbeck - himself out of Pledge by Waxy out of Prunella) was the grand dam of Brown Bess (by Camel). Also out of the same Gohanna mare was Fraxinella's half sister, Fractious (by Mercury) which produced Amazon - direct tail female ancestor of both Pocahontas and Dead Lock - and the Young Woodpecker mare ex Fractious - direct tail female of Lap Dog (Whalebone - Canopus mare) which was the damsire of Esperance, the grand dam of Ethelbert.

In summary, the pedigree of Pocahontas was enriched by the infusions of Everlasting which were ideally positioned in her own tail female and the tail female of her sire (Glencoe's) damsire, Tramp. Being a daughter of Eclipse enabled Everlasting to pass on the female genetic material to complement and partly balance the male genetic material entering her pedigree via the Eclipse sireline descendants Selim, Tramp, Orville and Marmion. The Baron produced a 5x4 linebreeding to Orville in the pedigree of Stockwell and Rataplan. Orville appears as the sire of Gadabout, granddam of Echidna - dam of The Baron, and also as the sire of Muley, damsire of Pocahontas.

The breeding of Orville was conducive to blending well with both The Baron and Pocahontas, as his sire Beningborough was out of a Herod mare, while his dam Evelina was by Highflyer, a son of Herod. It is worth noting that Orville's full sister Orvillina was the dam of Sandbeck - the damsire of The Flying Dutchman. Orville's grand dam, Termagant, was in direct tail female to Humphrey Clinker - sire of Melbourne, the damsire of Whisper, dam of Sterling. Orville was also introduced to the pedigree of Isinglass via Emilius - sire of Priam and Plenipotentiary - and in the inbred Miss Letty (Priam - Orville mare ex Buzzard) - great grand dam of Oxford.

Turning to the pedigree of Isinglass there are other key duplications which consolidate the Eclipse / Waxy - Penelope / Everlasting connection. It is worth noting that at the fourth generation in the pedigree of Isinglass, seven of his eight sire lines trace directly back to Eclipse. These are Birdcatcher, Flatcatcher, The Baron, Ethelbert, Newminster, Rataplan and Orlando. The exception, The Flying Dutchman, is a Herod line sire and was by Bay Middleton (by Sultan out of Cobweb).

Selim (Buzzard - Alexander mare) appears 3x3 via his daughter Slight (dam of Rubini - sire of Red Rose) and his son Sultan (damsire of Red Rose). Red Rose was the great granddam of Dead Lock. In The Flying Dutchman Selim appears 3x4 as the grandsire and on the distaff side as the sire of Selima - great granddam. In Honey Dear (dam of Oxford) he appears 4x4 as the sire of a Selim mare ex Pipylina, which was the granddam of Plenipotentiary (sire of Honey Dear) and as the paternal great grandsire of My Dear (dam of Honey Dear). Aside from the inbreeding to Selim, Honey Dear is distinguished by being a tail female descendant of Proserpine - the full sister of Eclipse (Marske - Spilletta).

In Orlando Selim appears 4x3 as the damsire of Camel (grandsire of Orlando) and as the sire of Langar (damsire of Orlando). Camel was also the sire of Touchstone and grandsire of Newminster (sire of Lord Clifden, grandsire of Wenlock - the sire of Dead Lock) and Flatcatcher (damsire of Sterling - the sire of Isonomy). Finally, Selim was the grandsire of Glencoe (sire of Pocahontas and thereby damsire of Stockwell and Rataplan).

The full brothers Whalebone and Whisker appear through a number of their progeny. Whalebone was the sire of Camel and Sir Hercules. Sir Hercules was the sire of Birdcatcher (sire of Oxford, The Baron and also Manganese - granddam of Wenlock). He was also the grandsire of Ethelbert (sire of Isoline) and the damsire of Bassishaw (dam of Isoline and great granddam of Isonomy) making him 3x3 to Isoline. He was also the sire of Antiope (granddam of Red Rose - great granddam of Dead Lock). Whisker was the sire of Economist (damsire of The Baron) and the Whisker mare ex Camilla (dam of Liverpool - damsire of Ethelbert).

It can be seen that there was quite a build up of the genetic material from Waxy and Penelope in Isoline, which was reinforced with even more infusions from both The Baron and Pocahontas when Stockwell was put to her to produce Isola Bella - the dam of Isonomy. Sterling, as a son of Oxford, was tail male to Whalebone and, thus, Waxy. His dam, Whisper, was by Flatcatcher out of Silence. Flatcatcher was also tail male to Waxy. In tail female, Flatcatcher descends through the Highflyer mare ex Everlasting. In tail female, Silence descends through Cobbea by Skyscraper (son of Everlasting) - as does Cadland (grand sire of Bassishaw). So once again the affinity of the Waxy and Penelope genetic material with that originating from Everlasting is borne out in Sterling, the sire of Isonomy.

Looking at the pedigree of Dead Lock, the distaff side shows a number of infusions of Everlasting. Red Rose traces directly via Amazon to Everlasting. In turn, her daughter The Dutchman's Daughter, was by The Flying Dutchman - a son of Bay Middleton (Sultan - Cobweb). On the top half of her pedigree Dead Lock also brings in Everlasting via Rataplan through both Glencoe and Marpesa in Pocahontas.

Through the research efforts of Marianna Haun and her team, the inheritance of an important gene for a large heart (which enables significant performance advantages) has been traced back to Pocahontas and is suspected of having passed via Everlasting from Eclipse. I believe this is the source of the speed and stamina of Isinglass.

In addition to those already mentioned, Young Giantess was a crucial influence. She was by the Herod line sire Diomed, out of Giantess (by Matchem). Young Giantess was the dam of Sorceror (by Trumpator), the Walton mare ex Young Giantess (by the Highflyer line sire Walton) and the three full sisters Eleanor, Julia and Cressida (by the Eclipse line sire Whiskey). The significance of this was that all five of these appear in the pedigree of Dead Lock. Sorceror appears as the inbred ancestor in Cadland (by Orville's son Andrew which was out of a Sorceror mare) which was out of Cobbea's daughter Sorcery (by Sorceror). Sorcery's full sister Witchery, when served by Waxy produced Dulcamara - which was tail female to Sterling. Sorceror, was also the sire of the Sorceror mare ex Virgin (by Whiskey's son Juniper) which was the grand dam of Velocipede. In turn, Velocipede was the maternal grand sire of Secret - a grand daughter of Dulcamara. The Walton mare ex Young Giantess produced Langar (by Selim) damsire of Orlando - grand sire of Malpractice (dam of Dead Lock).

The full sisters Eleanor, Julia and Cressida also had Eclipse, Herod and Matchem in their immediate pedigree, which made them ideal to blend with Whalebone, Whisker and Web. Eleanor was the dam of Muley (by Orville) which was the damsire of Pocahontas. Julia was the dam of Phantom (by Walton) which was the sire of Cobweb and the Phantom mare ex the Overton mare (which was the dam of Voltaire). Voltaire was the sire of the brother and sister Voltigeur and Volley (grand dam of Lord Clifden - the paternal grand sire of Dead Lock). Voltigeur and Volley were out of the very important broodmare Martha Lynn. Her dam, Leda, was a full sister by Filho Da Puta, out of Treasure to Arachne (dam of Industry - which produced Chevalier D'Industrie the damsire of Dead Lock). Cressida produced Priam (by Emilius) - the sire of Industry. Priam's influence elsewhere has already been discussed.

The other significant influence through Dead Lock's pedigree was the presence of the two Pot-8-o's mares - one ex Editha and the other ex Flyer - and Mandane. These daughters helped to some degree to balance the male strains of Pot-8-o's through Waxy's sons. The Pot-8-o's mare ex Editha produced two daughters - Slight (by Selim) and Virgin (by Sir Peter). Slight was the dam of Rubini which has been mentioned already as the sire of Red Rose. Virgin was the dam of the Sorcerer mare from which Velcipede descended. The Pot-8-o's mare ex Flyer produced Selima - the tail female ancestor of The Flying Dutchman which was the damsire of Dead Lock's dam, Malpractice. Mandane was the dam of Brutandorf (by Blacklock), Lottery (by Tramp) and the Whisker mare (tracing to Camilla), which was the dam of Liverpool - damsire of Ethelbert. Camilla (Trentham - Coquette) was the dam of the sisters Young Camilla, Colibri and Catherine (by Woodpecker) and Jerboa (by Gohanna). Young Camilla was the dam of Mandane, while Colibri was the dam of Canopus, and Catherine was the dam of the brothers Golumpus and Wanderer (by Gohanna). Their half sister, Jerboa, was the dam of Lacerta (by Zodiac), which produced Little Fairy (by Hornsea) - the tail female of St Angela, the dam of the mighty St Simon and his full sister Angelica (by Galopin). It is worth mentioning that Filho Da Puta, as well as being the sire of Leda and Arachne, was also the sire of Decoy - the dam of Flatcatcher, which was the damsire of Isonomy's sire, Sterling. For good measure, both Tomboy (by Jerry) - the damsire of Manganese - and Beeswing (by Dr Syntax) - the dam of Newminster, which was the grand sire of Wenlock - were out of the same Ardrossan mare ex Eliza.

STUD RECORD: Isinglass possessed the ideal pedigree, conformation, racetrack ability and temperament to make a successful stallion. As a winner of the Triple Crown there was a great deal of expectation about his stud career. Some critics have concluded that he was a disappointment at stud, given that he was mated with the best mares in England and Ireland. An examination of his stud record, however, when viewed from the perspective of his impact on the long-term development of the Thoroughbred, reveals a vastly different result.

When examining Isinglass in terms of his ability as a sire of sires, it would be reasonable to say that other stallions of his generation were more successful. This certainly does not equate to saying that he produced no sire sons of merit. His best sire sons included John O'Gaunt, Louvois, Louviers, Star Shoot and Kilglass. While conceding that this is a short list of his best sire sons, given that he was at stud for almost 18 seasons, their impact is a better measure of his success as a sire of sires.

JOHN O'GAUNT 1901 (Isinglass - La Fleche by St. Simon) While considered somewhat of a disappointment on the racetrack, given that his dam had won the Oaks, 1000 Guineas and St. Leger, and Isinglass was also a triple Classic winner, John O'Gaunt nevertheless gained notoriety at stud as the sire of Swynford - and to a lesser extent, his brother Harry of Hereford. He also sired Kennymore (2000 Guineas), Mandy Hamilton (dam of Supremus, damsire of Menow), and Mary Gaunt (dam of Abbot's Speed, damsire of Prince Chevalier).

I believe that John O'Gaunt was able to benefit from the duplication of genetic material of the Camel / Brown Bess and the Camilla / Everlasting connections on both sides of his pedigree. Swynford (John O'Gaunt - Canterbury Pilgrim) produced Blandford out of the White Eagle mare Blanche. Blandford went on to establish the sire dynasty which passed via Blenheim II to many top modern stallions. As well as Blandford, Swynford produced Sansovino (Derby), Tranquil (1000 Guineas and St Leger), Keysoe (St Leger), Saucy Sue (1000 Guineas and Oaks), Ferry - sister to Sansovino - (1000 Guineas) and Bettina (1000 Guineas). He was the leading sire in 1923 and leading broodmare sire in 1932.

Harry of Hereford gained his spot in the limelight as the sire of Annette K. (out of Bathing Girl by Spearmint) the dam of Brushup (dam of War Admiral, by Man O'War).

The pedigree of these two brothers have a very clever pattern on the distaff side. Their third remove shows : Hermit (Newminster - Seclusion), Thrift (Stockwell - Braxey), The Palmer (Beadsman - Madame Eglantine), Lady Audley (Macaroni - Secret) This creates a re-introduction of Newminster, Stockwell and Secret directly. In addition, Beadsman re-introduces Tramp, Muley, Miss Letty and Touchstone. Madame Eglantine re-introduces Bay Middleton, Priam, and Octaviana, Lady Audley re-introduces Secret (also dam of Silence). All of these additional infusions were key elements in the pedigree of Isinglass.

LOUVOIS 1901 (Isinglass - St Louvaine by Wolf's Crag)
LOUVIERS 1906 (Isinglass - St Louvaine by Wolf's Crag) Louvois won the 2000 Guineas and Prince of Wales Stakes and was a minor placegetter in the Derby. His best son, St. Louis (out of Princess Sterling by Florizel II) also won the 2000 Guineas. Like Isinglass, St. Louis was also a lazy individual. Louviers won the Coventry Stakes. His best son, Landgraf, (out of Ladora by Ladas) won the Deutches Derby, the Henckel Rennen, the Union Rennen and the Grosser Hansa Pries. He, in turn, established a major sire dynasty in Europe through his best son, Ferro.

STAR SHOOT 1898 (Isinglass - Astrology by Hermit) Star Shoot had an undistinguished racing career which was cut short by a wind infirmity. He was sold to the United States as a three-year-old and went on to be the champion sire in five seasons. His best son was the U.S. Triple Crown winner Sir Barton (out of Lady Sterling by Hanover). Another son, Uncle (out of The Niece by Alarm) sired Hurakan, the dam of Stimulus. The daughters of Star Shoot were good broodmares.

KILGLASS 1910 (Isinglass - Kilkenny by Ormonde) Kilglass was a son of Isinglass with multiple infusions of Pocahontas on the distaff side. His dam, Kilkenny, was blessed with being by one of the greatest racehorses of all time, Ormonde. He was by Bend Or out of Lily Agnes (by Macaroni). Once again we see the Bend Or - Macaroni nick in combination with a direct descendant of Miss Agnes. Bend Or, a Stockwell line sire, brought in Pocahontas. Kilkenny's dam was Bryonia (Speculum - Hedge Rose by Neptunus). Hedge Rose was out of the Stockwell mare, Woodbine.

Kilglass produced Grignouse (out of Simper by Sempronius). Sempronius was by Wisdom by the Rataplan sire, Blinkhoolie, out of the Stockwell mare, Aline. This placed Pocahontas 3x3 in the pedigree of Wisdom. The dam of Sempronius was Hamptonia (Hampton - Feronia by Thormanby). Her sire, Hampton, was out of Lady Langden by Rataplan's son, Kettledrum. Her dam, Feronia was by the Stockwell mare, Woodbine). This placed Pocahontas 5x4 in the pedigree of Hamptonia. Grignouse was the dam of La Grelee (by Helicon).

While a good case can be mounted to show that these five sons of Isinglass all certainly made an important contribution to the development and improvement of the modern Thoroughbred, his daughters made an even greater impact. Since there will always be more opportunity for daughters rather than sons of a stallion to go to stud - a ratio of around 10 : 1 in the general population - I consider that a measure of his success as a stallion is incomplete without reference to his daughters.

It is only through his daughters that a stallion is able to pass on his X chromosome, and the quality inherent in that genetic material will determine to a large degree his success at stud - it has normally had the opportunity to prove its worth on the racetrack by this stage. Being, as a general rule, more numerous than sire sons, a stallion's broodmare daughters would be collectively expected, all things being equal, to produce a significantly higher number of successful progeny. However, in the interim, some of these daughters will get to prove their worth on the racetrack, while others will remain unraced for a variety of reasons.

There is no automatic correlation between success on the racetrack and success as a broodmare. Sceptre (Persimmon - Ornament by Bend Or) was perhaps the most accomplished evidence of this fact. She is the only filly to ever win the 1000 Guineas, 2000 Guineas, the Oaks and the St Leger - a female equivalent to the achievements of Isinglass - and yet at stud her results were disappointing. Even the union of Isinglass and Sceptre, from which there would have been enormous expectations, produced a moderate performer in Coronation IV. Conversely, some of the best performers on the racetrack were from unraced (or even hopelessly unraceable) mares. It is this uncertainty from the genetic spin-of-the-wheel which makes breeding Thoroughbreds so challenging, absorbing, and if the ultimate success is achieved, exhilarating.

Isinglass produced two daughters which were successful in the classics of their year. Cherry Lass (out of Black Cherry by Bendigo) won the 1000 Guineas and Oaks. She was from an illustrious family and was a half sister to Blanche - dam of Blandford. Glass Doll (out of Fota by Hampton) won the Oaks.

Interestingly, in the pedigree of both these classic winners, there is, via their damsires Bendigo and Hampton, an important presence of Rataplan. In the case of Bendigo, this came both from his sire, Ben Battle (by Rataplan) and his dam, Hasty Girl (by Lord Gough - himself the product of the Rataplan mare Battaglia). Hampton (Lord Clifden - Lady Langden) was the product of a Kettledrum mare. Kettledrum was perhaps the best son of Rataplan.

Daughters of Isinglass as broodmares:

At stud, the broodmare daughters of Isinglass proved to be very successful matrons. Included in the list of the most important of these were, alphabetically, Cornfield, Goody Two Shoes, Isette, Lady Lightfoot, Lygie, Samphire, St Claire II and Vain Duchess. Their record is worthy of some examination, as these mares have produced either classic winners themselves or have been the catalyst for the development of subsequent horses of substantial merit.

CORNFIELD 1904 (Isinglass - Landrail by St Serf) Cornfield was the dam of Love in Idleness (by Bachelor's Double) which won the Oaks. Like Isinglass, Love in Idleness was blessed with both stamina and good speed. At stud she produced Gay Lothario (by Gay Crusader) which, after a undistinguished racing career in England, was purchased to stud in Australia. He proved to be a very good sire in Australia and is best remembered as the sire of Tranquil Star (out of Lone Star by Great Star).

Tranquil Star raced for 7 years competing in 111 races and winning 23 races, including a host of what would now be classified as Group 1 races. Her record includes : Caulfield Cup, W.S. Cox Plate, L.K.S. McKinnon Stakes, VRC St Leger, C.M. Lloyd Stakes, William Reid Stakes, Memsie Stakes, Alister Clark Stakes, Cumberland Stakes, AJC St George Stakes and the Edward Manifold Stakes. She was a tough competitor and remained sound throughout her career.

GOODY TWO SHOES 1899 (Isinglass - Sandal by Kisber) The pedigree of Goody Two Shoes deserves some comment, as this was a phenomenal example of breeding back on the dam side to the greatest strength in the sire's pedigree. Sandal was by Kisber, out of Shoestring. Kisber was by Buccaneer, out of Mineral (the dam of Wenlock - making Buccanner and Wenlock half brothers) which placed Mineral 4x3 in the pedigree of Goody Two Shoes. Buccaneer was by Wild Dayrell, out of a Little Red Rover mare ex Eclat. Wild Dayrell (Ion - Ellen Middleton by Bay Middleton) and Little Red Rover (Tramp - Miss Syntax by Paynator) were descendants of Web's daughters Filagree and Trampoline, respectively, thereby introducing Everlasting again. Shoestring was by Knight of the Garter, out of Bowstring. Knight of the Garter was by Melbourne's son, The Prime Minister, out of Rosa Bonheur (by Touchstone out of Boarding School Miss - half sister to Pocahontas). Bowstring was by The Flying Dutchman's son, Tom Bowstring, out of a Toxopholite mare ex Miss Whip. Toxopholite is a grandson of Decoy - the dam of Flatcatcher - his sire, Pantaloon, was by Castrel, a full brother to Selim. Miss Whip (The Provost - Miss Whip by Jerry) also has an interesting pedigree build up. Her maternal grandsire was Smolensko - a grandson of Maria, dam of Waxy. Her dam (also Miss Whip) was out of a mare named Georgiana (Woful - Shepherdess). Woful was a full brother to Whalebone, Whisker and Web. Thus, the tail female of Goody Two Shoes introduces a fourth full sibling of the union of Waxy and Penelope.

While this genetic bonanza was untapped on the racetrack, Goody Two Shoes produced two offspring which had a profound impact on the Stud Book. These were Charles O'Malley (by Desmond) and Simon's Shoes (by Simon Square). Both Desmond and Simon Square were sons of St. Simon (Galopin - St Angela). St. Angela was by King Tom (Harkaway - Pocahontas). This then brought the three best sons of Pocahontas (Stockwell, Rataplan and King Tom) together in the pedigree of both Charles O'Malley and Simon's Shoes.

In addition, the dams of both sires brought in a tail female descendant of Miss Agnes. In the case of Desmond, there is a direct tail female to Miss Agnes via L'Abbesse Jouarre - Festive - Piercy - Fair Agnes - Little Agnes - Miss Agnes. In the case of Simon's Shoes, his dam Sweet Marjorie (Kendal - St Marguerite) traces via Kendal - Windemere - Miss Agnes. Both Kendal (via Bend Or - Doncaster - Stockwell) and St Marguerite (via Devotion by Stockwell) trace to Stockwell.

Charles O'Malley produced some very good daughters, which was hardly surprising, given the number of infusions of Pocahontas in his pedigree and the tail female of his sire running to Miss Agnes. Charlebelle (Oaks) and Zinovia (Cambridgeshire Stakes) were his best performer on the racetrack. His best broodmare daughter was undoubtedly Malva (out of Wild Arum by Robert Le Diable). Malva produced Blenheim and His Grace (by Blandford - making them 4x4 to Isinglass), Frankly (by Franklin), King Salmon (by Salmon Trout) and Lily of the Valley (by Tetratema). Collectively, these five horses produced too many top class horses to even mention the most important in an article of this size.

Simon's Shoes was far from successful on the racetrack - in fact she was never placed. However, at stud she was clear proof that exceptional quality latent genes which do not surface on the racetrack can still express themselves in the breeding barn. Her two most important offspring were Carpet Slipper (by Phalaris) and Dalmary (by Blandford).

Carpet Slipper was a very moderate performer on the racetrack with her six starts in relatively poor quality races yielding a solitary win. At stud, she produced six daughters of consequence with all proving to be as moderate as herself on the racetrack and lacking the ability to transmit any of the genetic quality inherent in her pedigree, and thereby failing to establish a strong branch of this family. Her best progeny was her son Windsor Slipper (by Windsor Lad) which won the Irish Triple Crown - 2000 Guineas, Derby and St Leger - with ease.

Dalmary was far better performed than her half sister on the racetrack, being victorious in the minor Yorkshire Oaks. She was the dam of eight daughters and one son. Amongst her daughters, Gold Mary (by Solario) and Jennydang (by Colombo) produced some good progeny without being exceptional, while Miss Know All (by Rhodes Scholar) produced the very good Le Sage (by Chamossaire). However, from a breeding perspective the best daughter was unquestionably Rough Shod (by Gold Bridge).

Rough Shod produced the well above-average sires and brothers Lt Stevens and Ridan (by Nantallah) - the latter being successful in the Florida Derby - and their sister, Moccasin. Her crowning glory came with the production of their sister, Thong. From Thong the very strongest lines to the current Classic winners have descended through both her sons and daughters, particularly via Special and Thatch (both by Forli).

ISETTE 1910 (Isinglass - Brielle by Galopin) Isette was another Isinglass daughter rich in infusions of Pocahontas. Apart from those coming in via Isinglass, her dam Brielle (Martagon - Briar-Root by Springfield) had an additional three sources. These came via Martagon - a son of Bend Or and thus a Stockwell line sire - and Briar-Root (Springfield - Eglentyne by Hermit). Springfield was by the Stockwell son, St Albans, while Eglentyne descends from the Rataplan mare, Rigolboche. Martagon was a product of the successful Bend Or - Macaroni nick and was also a direct descendant of Miss Agnes.

At stud, Isette produced Sweet Music (by Harmonicon) which was the dam of Caruso (by Polymelian). Polymelian (Polymelus - Pasquita) himself had infusions of Pocahontas coming in through all 4 quarters of his second remove. Caruso was the sire of Imperatrice (out of Cinquepace by Brown Bud). Imperatrice was the dam of Somethingroyal (by Princequillo) which produced Secretariat (by Bold Ruler). The immediate pedigree of Imperatrice reveals a large number of infusions of Pocahontas via both her sire and dam.

LADY LIGHTFOOT 1910 (Isinglass - Glare by Ayrshire) Lady Lightfoot was a moderate performer on the racetrack but was another daughter of Isinglass blessed with multiple infusions on her dam side through both her own sire and dam. Glare (Ayrshire - Footlight) was a member of the distinguished Paradigm family, having descended through Paraffin. Her sire, Ayrshire, had a very interesting pedigree as he was by Hampton, out of the exceptionally well bred Galopin mare, Atalanta - the grand daughter of the Stockwell mare, Woodbine. Ayrshire had within his first five removes an incredible four sets of full brother / sister combinations. These were Stockwell and Rataplan, Newminster and Honeysuckle, Voltigeur and Volley and finally Lanercost and Otsina. With each of these combinations being produced by an exceptional dam, the line breeding possibilities via Ayrshire are extraordinary.

Footlight (Cremorne - Paraffin) was inbred 4x4 to Pocahontas via both her sire and dam. Cremorne was out of the Rataplan mare, Rigolboche, while Paraffin was by the Stockwell son, Blair Athol. At stud, Footlight gained notoriety as the dam of Prince Palatine (by Persimmon). Persimmon contained Pocahontas on both sides of his pedigree, being by St Simon out of the Hampton mare, Perdita II. Her dam was Hermione (by Young Melbourne - he being two removes from a Glencoe mare) - out of La Belle Helene, a daughter of St Albans by Stockwell. This brought in an additional strain of Everlasting through Glencoe. Prince Palatine founded the sire dynasty which descended via Rose Prince - Prince Rose - Princequillo. A remarkable number of top class horses were produced by this sire line and it remains today as a source of great quality.

LYGIE 1910 (Isinglass - Livie II by Silvio) Lygie had, through her dam, a quite remarkable pedigree. Livie II was by the Stockwell line sire, Silvio, out of Louveciennes (by Flageolet). Louveciennes had an important presence of Boadicea daughters through both Banter - the dam of Touchstone - and Etiquette. Her damsire, Polmoodie, was out of Burlesque (by Touchstone out of Maid of Honour, daughter of Etiquette) making Boadicea 3X3 in the tail female of Burlesque's sire and dam. In addition, Louveciennes was out of the daughter of a Touchstone mare. However, an even more important element in her tail female was that her great granddam, The Biddy (Bran - Idalia by Peruvian) introduced via the tail female of her sire, Bran, a further sibling of Whalebone, Whisker and Web in the form of Wire - great dam of Bran. The Biddy was a half sister to Pantaloon.

Lygie produced Azalee (by Ajax) which was the dam of the very good racer and prominent sire, Nino (by Clarissimus) and also Argentee (by As D'Atout) which was the dam of the accomplished racer and sire Maravedis. The best daughter of Lygie was Medeah (by Masque). Masque descended by two removes from the mare Lena (Blandford {by Oxford} - The Swan by Oxford's son, Sterling. Blandford (Oxford - Auricula by Ambrose out of Pocahontas) introduced a female strain of Pocahontas giving Medeah not only the half sister to the full brothers Stockwell and Rataplan, but also the fourth full sibling, Wire, to the trio Whalebone, Whisker and Web.

This took on a whole new significance when Medeah was put to Ajax to produce La Flambee and Parthensis. Ajax had lines running to Pocahontas in all four quarters of his pedigree. In Orme, his grandsire, he traced directly via Stockwell, and even more crucially, his dam was Angelica - sister to St. Simon - a daughter of King Tom. In Vampire, his sire's dam, he traced via Sarcasm to Stockwell through Breadalbane. In Clamart, his dam's sire, he traced via Princess Catherine through her sire to Stockwell and through her dam to Heroine of Lucknow. In Alice, his granddam, he traced via Wellingtonia to Ayacanora through his sire and to Araucaria in his dam. This gave Ajax seven lines of Pocahontas tracing to five separate offspring of Pocahontas - Stockwell, King Tom and those three very important daughters Araucaria, Ayacanora and Heroine of Lucknow - as well as the all important sister to St. Simon and four full siblings by Waxy - Penelope. It is no surprise that when put to Sir Gallahad III - inbred to St Simon - or Wrack, another descendant of an Isinglass daughter, that La Flambee was a source of outstanding progeny.

SAMPHIRE 1902 (Isinglass - Chelandry by Goldfinch) Samphire was another daughter of Isinglass which remained unplaced on the racetrack, but which produced some very good progeny. She was the daughter of a mare which was a member of the Paradigm family in Chelandry (Goldfinch - Illuminata). Goldfinch was by Ormonde - a Stockwell line sire - while Illuminata was out of the Blair Athol mare, Paraffin. At stud, ,Samphire produced Juniata (by Junior) which produced Jiffy (by Hurry On) - a dam of some quality, producing Ocean Swell (by Blue Peter) an excellent racer.

Samphire was also the dam of Wrack (by Robert Le Diable) who was a sire of good quality progeny. His better offspring included the sisters Flambino and Flambola and Petee-Wrack. Flambino (out of Flambette by Durbar II) bred Flares (by Gallant Fox) which was the sire of Chop Chop and Shimmer - the dam of Nantallah. She also bred Omaha (by Gallant Fox) which was the sire of Flaming Top. Her influence through her daughter Flaring Top, was enormous, as she was the ancestress of Fleur and Nijinsky.

ST. CLAIRE II 1904 (Isinglass - Santa Brigida by St. Simon) Yet another daughter of Isinglass undistinguished on the racetrack, but which would prove to be influential in the development of outstanding horses. Santa Brigida (St. Simon - Bridget) was also the product of inbreeding to Stockwell, as Bridget was by the Stockwell line sire, Master Kildare, out of a great grand daughter of Woodbine by Stockwell. In combination with the line coming in via St. Simon, Santa Brigida had then three infusions of Pocahontas on the distaff side of her pedigree.

At stud, St. Claire II produced Lady Cicero (by Cicero) which on her sire's side had a very complementary pedigree for an Isinglass mare. Her sire, Cicero, was by Cyllene (Bona Vista - Arcadia by Isonomy) which provided not only Stockwell via Bend Or and a Bend Or - Macaroni nick via Bona Vista's dam, Vista (Macaroni - Verdure), he also provided a line via King Tom - the sire of Verdure. Arcadia brought in a line breeding to Isonomy, her sire and the sire of Isinglass. Lady Cicero's dam, Gas, was by the inbred Ayrshire, out of Illuminata. The lines from Pocahontas for these have already been examined.

Lady Cicero was the dam of Regal Roman (by Roi Herode) which was the dam of Alcibiades (by Supremus). Supremus has already been discussed, as he was out of the John O'Gaunt mare, Mandy Hamiliton. Alcibiades was the dam of Menow (by Pharamond II), which was the sire of Flaring Top, Spring Run - dam of Red God - and Tom Fool, one of the most outstanding sires and broodmare sires of the late 20th century. He nicked beautifully with the brothers Bull Dog and Sir Galahad III (Teddy - Plucky Liege).

VAIN DUCHESS 1897 (Isinglass - Sweet Duchess by Hagioscope) Vain Duchess enjoyed a relatively successful racing career, having won four times in seven starts. Unusually, for an outstanding broodmare daughter of Isinglass, her dam only had the one line tracing to Pocahontas. This was through Hagioscope which was desended from the Stockwell mare, Zelle, by two removes. At stud, Vain Duchess produced Lady Mischief (by St Simon) and Helicon (by Cyllene). Lady Mischief produced the excellent broodmare, Waffles (by Buckwheat). She produced Manna (by Phalaris) which won the 2000 Guineas and Derby, and the very good broodmare Bunworry (by Great Sport). Manna went on to become a very good sire.

The more influential offspring of Vain Duchess was Helicon. As a racer he was moderate and his record as a stallion would have been fairly ordinary also, without him producing La Grelee and Helene de Troie - dam of La Troienne. La Grelee (out of Grignouse by Kilglass) produced the exceptional speed influence Rialto (by Rabelais). Rialto was the sire of Sif (out of Suavita by Alcantara II) which produced Fantine (by Fantastic) and the exceptional racer and stallion Sicambre (by Prince Bio) - maternal grandsire of Sea Bird. Rialto also sired Wild Risk, which was the sire of some extraordinary sprinters including Le Fabuleux, Vimy and Worden II.

La Troienne was the undisputed queen of 20th century broodmares. Her offspring were amongst the most highly credentialed members of the equine "Who's Who" in the United States, and their influence spread to every corner of the world. The list of her offspring is as follows : BLACK HELEN 1932 (by Black Toney) BABY LEAGUE 1935 (by Bubbling Over) BIG HURRY 1936 (by Black Toney) BIMELECH 1937 (by Black Toney) BIG EVENT 1938 (by Blue Larkspur) BUSINESSLIKE 1939 (by Blue Larkspur) BESIEGED 1940 (by Balladier) BEE ANN MAC 1944 (by Blue Larkspur) BELLE HISTOIRE 1945 (by Blue Larkspur) BELLE OF TROY 1947 (by Blue Larkspur).

The ability of this magnificent mare to produce such a high number of extraordinary sons and daughters arose from the quality of her pedigree. An in-depth examination of her pedigree reveals an abundance of genetic material to complement the crucial genetic strength of Isinglass. Of even greater significance, it also reveals a plethora of opposite sex strains of many of the important ancestors in his pedigree. The digression here in the following commentary is an invaluable insight into the correct method of reinforcing the genetic strength inherent in a pedigree.

Pedigree of La Troienne compliments of the Del Mar Query

La Troienne (Teddy - Helene De Troie by Helicon) was sired by Teddy, a son of Ajax, which has previously been discussed. Teddy's dam was Rondeau (Bay Ronald - Doremi by Bend Or). Bay Ronald was a son of Hampton, also previously discussed, out of Black Duchess (Galliard - Black Corrie by Sterling). Galliard was by the Voltigeur line sire, Galopin - himself out of the mare Flying Duchess (The Flying Dutchman - Merope) which was also tail female to Everlasting - out of Mavis (Macaroni - Merlette by The Baron out of Cuckoo). Cuckoo (Elis - Reel by Camel) was sired by the Selim line sire Elis (Langar - Walton mare). His dam, Olympia (Sir Oliver - Scotilla) was also the dam of Kite, the dam of Lady Moore Carew and also the grand dam of Orlando. Reel (Camel - La Danseuse by Blacklock) descended via Madame Saquai to the Diomed mare, Fanny. Madame Saquai was by Remembrancer by Pipator - half brother to Trumpator.

Mavis was by Macaroni (Sweetmeat - Jocose by Pantaloon). Jocose was by Pantaloon, out of the very important broodmare Banter (Master Henry - Boadicea by Alexander). Banter was the dam of the full siblings Touchstone, Retort, Launcelot, Lampoon and Pasquinade - all by Camel - as well as the full siblings Jocose, Pantaloon mare ex Banter and Raillery - all by Pantaloon - and their half sister, Sarcasm, by Teniers. Boadicea (Alexander - Brunette by Amaranthus) had two other daughters, Etiquette (by Orville) and Bertha (by Rubens). The produce of these three daughters of Boadicea were the tail female of many important horses over time, including Macaroni, Orlando, Leamington, Atherstone, Carnival, Admiration and Polynesian.

Black Corrie (Sterling - Wild Dayrell mare by Wild Dayrell) also had a very good pedigree. Sterling, her sire, has already been discussed. Her dam, was a Wild Dayrell mare ex Lady Lurewell which traced in tail female via Dirce - Antiope - Amazon to Everlasting. Wild Dayrell (Ion - Ellen Middleton by Bay Middleton) was sired by Ion, which was also the sire of Adeline - the dam of St. Angela, the dam of St. Simon and Angelica - and Tadmor - the damsire of Hermit. His dam, Ellen Middleton (Bay Middleton - Myrrha by Malek) was out of a mare by the brother of Velocipede and half brother of Merope (by Voltaire).

Lady Lurewell (Hornsea - Dirce by Partisan) was bred on similar lines to Wild Dayrell. Her sire, Hornsea, was by Velocipede, out of a Cerberus mare ex Miss Cranfield. Cerberus was inbred to Herod, being by Gohanna (Mercury - Herod mare ex Flyer) out of a Herod mare ex Desdemona. Dirce (Partisan - Antiope by Whalebone) was sired by a stallion which was out of Parasol, a daughter (by Pot-8-o's) of Prunella, and therefore a half sister to Penelope.

Rondeau's dam Doremi (Bend Or - Lady Emily by Macaroni) was the product of another Bend Or - Macaroni nick. Bend Or (Doncaster - Rouge Rose by Thormanby) was a Stockwell line horse, so traces in tail male to Whalebone - a son of Penelope. Doncaster (Stockwell - Marigold by Teddington) was the product of a mare with her sire line tracing through Orlando to Touchstone. Teddington was out of Miss Twickenham, which was by Humphrey Clinker's son, Rockingham, himself out of Medora - tracing to Promise through a Trumpator mare ex Peppermint. Her dam, Electress (Election - Stamford mare ex Miss Judy by Stamford) was by Gohanna's son, Election, out of a Stamford mare. Stamford was a Sir Peter line sire. Marigold was out a Ratan mare ex a Melbourne mare ex Lisbeth. Ratan was by the Blacklock son, Buzzard - which was out of Miss Newton by Delpini - out of a Picton mare. The Ratan mare ex Melbourne descended to Belvoirina (Stamford - Mercury mare) Rouge Rose (Thormanby - Ellen Horne by Redshank) traces in direct tail female to Penelope.

Thormanby was by Windhound (Pantaloon - Phryne by Touchstone). Phryne was a daughter of Decoy, and therefore a sister to Flatcatcher. Thormanby's dam, Alice Hawthorn (Muley Moloch - Rebecca by Lottery) had a line to Muley via Muley Moloch. Rebecca was by Tramp's son, Lottery - which was out of Mandane (Pot8o's - Young Camilla). Her dam was a Cervantes mare ex Anticipation by Beningborough. Cervantes was by Don Quixote (Eclipse - Grecian Princess) and was thus a brother of Alexander and Xantippe. He was out of Evelina (Highflyer - Termagant) which was the dam of Orville and Orvillina (by Beningborough), Louisa (by Ormond), Capsicum (by Sir Peter) and Paulowitz (by Sir Paul). Termagant was also the dam of Pewet (by Tandem) which produced Sir Paul and Paulina (by Sir Peter) and Clinkerina (by Clinker) - the dam of Humphrey Clinker, sire of Melbourne. Anticipation was also inbred to Herod, as she was by Beningborough, the son of a Herod mare, out of Expectation by Herod. Rebecca was also the dam of The Provost (by The Saddler), Rowena (by Recovery), Annandale (by Touchstone), Marion (by St Martin) and Fair Helen (by Pantaloon). Amongst others, Fair Helen produced the full siblings by Touchstone, Lord Of The Isles, Lord Of The Hills and Lady McDonald and their half sister Lady Flora (by Stockwell). Ellen Horne (Redshank - Delhi by Plenipotentiary), the dam of Rouge Rose, also produced Paradigm (by Paragone) which established a prolific family of broodmare daughters, including Illuminata and Chelandry, which have already been mentioned. Redshank (Sandbeck - Johanna by Selim) through his sire Sandbeck (Catton - Orvillina by Beningborough) and also his dam Johanna (Selim - Skyscraper mare by Skyscraper) brought more of the common ancestral members into Ellen Horne's pedigree. On the distaff side, Delhi (Plenipotentiary - Pawn Junior by Waxy) has done a similar thing with her sire, Plenipotentiary, and her dam, Pawn Junior (Waxy - Pawn, daughter of Prunella) Lady Emily (Macaroni - May Queen by Claret), the dam of Doremi (by Bend Or) brought in through her direct tail female the ideal ingredients to ignite the Bend Or - Macaroni nick. Her dam May Queen (Claret - Lady Blanche by Voltigeur) had the necessary ingredients through both her sire and dam to reinforce this nick. Claret (Touchstone - Mountain Sylph by Belshazzar) brought in Touchstone, and thus Banter, in his sire line. Mountain Sylph (Belshazzar - Stays by Whalebone) was by a son of Blacklock, Belshazzar, which was out of Manuella (Dick Andrews - Mandane by Pot8o's). She was out of the Whalebone daughter, Stays, which descended to Maiden. Lady Blanche was out of an Ithuriel mare which descended to Bronze (Buzzard - Alexander mare ex Highflyer mare) - therefore a full sister to Selim, Castrel and Rubens.

Thus, it can be seen in the pedigree of Teddy (Ajax - Rondeau) that the ancestral strengths in both his sire and dam were quite complementary to each other. The Pocahontas / Waxy and Penelope / Everlasting connection in the pedigree of Ajax was reinforced by the same emphasis in the pedigree of Rondeau with the introduction of new infusions from different sources. When we look at Helene De Troie (Helicon - Lady Of Pedigree by St Denis) her union with Teddy resulted in a genetic explosion of stellar proportions. It is open to conjecture if this was due more to design than fortuitousness, but this is largely irrelevant in the light of its success.

Helicon's sire, Cyllene, has already been discussed in relation to St. Claire II. Lady of Pedigree (St Denis - Doxa by Melton) was sired by St Denis (St Simon - Brooch by Blue Green) which was closely inbred to St Angela (King Tom - Adeline) and thus also had Pocahontas close up in his pedigree. St Simon (Galopin - St Angela) was the full brother to Angelica. Brooch (Blue Green - Ornament by Bend Or) was sired by Coeruleus, which had important ancestors, but their significance was greatly overshadowed by the fact that he served Angelica to produce Blue Green.

This put St Angela 2x4 in the pedigree of St Denis. Coeruleus (Beadsman - Bas Bleu by Stockwell) had Pocahontas close up in his pedigree. Beadsman (Weatherbit - Mendicant by Touchstone) was by a Tramp line sire which was out of Miss Letty. Mendicant was out of Lady Moore Carew (Tramp - Kite). Kite's dam, Olympia, was by the Highflyer line sire ,Sir Oliver, out of Scotilla (Anvil - Scota by Eclipse). Bas Bleu (Stockwell - Vexation by Touchstone) descended via Vat to Wire (Waxy - Penelope). Thus, he was a crucial linkage in the Pocahontas / Waxy - Penelope / Everlasting connection in the build up of Helene De Troie.

Ornament (Bend Or - Lily Agnes by Macaroni) was yet another product of the Bend Or - Macaroni nick. She also traced in tail female to Miss Agnes which made Brooch a reinforcing influence in the genetic pool of common ancestral patterns.

Doxa (Melton - Paradoxical by Timothy) was another very important influence. Her sire, Melton (Master Kildare - Violet Melrose by The Scottish Chief) was also a Stockwell line sire. Melton was a full brother to the very important mares Editha and Bridget. This trio provide excellent opportunities for line breeding patterns.

Master Kildare (Lord Ronald - Silk by Plum Pudding) brought in some influential ancestors. Lord Ronald (Stockwell - Edith by Newminster, a son of Touchstone) descended in tail female to the famed Gibside Fairy (Hermes - Vicissitude). Silk (Plum Pudding - Judy Go) descended on the distaff side of both her sire and dam via the mare Bigotinni to Fraxinella. Plum Pudding (by Sweetmeat) was out of Foinnualla (Birdcatcher - Brandy Bet by Waxy Pope's son Canteen, out of Bigotinni). Judy Go, by Crozier, was out of Cacique (by Sheet Anchor's son Palrinus out of a Young Blacklock mare ex Bittern by Sligo out of Bigotinni). Waxy Pope (Waxy - Prunella) was also the sire of Sligo, which was out of Cora (Master Bagot - Penelope). Bigotinni was by Sorcerer's son, Thunderbolt, out of a Gohanna mare ex Fraxinella). Thunderbolt's dam, Wowski, was a daughter of Maria, and thus a half sister to Waxy.

Violet Melrose (The Scottish Chief - Violet by Thormanby) was another important ancestor. The Scottish Chief (Lord of the Isles - Miss Ann by The Little Known) was sired by a son of Touchstone and was out of Fair Helen (Pantaloon - Rebecca). Miss Ann was sired by a son of Muley which was out of Lacerta. The tail female of St Simon and Angelica traces via Lacerta to Jerboa, which had another daughter Fawn - the dam of Venison (by Partisan). Miss Ann was out of Bay Missy (Bay Middleton) which traced in tail female to Proserpine (sister of Eclipse).

Violet (Thormanby - Woodbine by Stockwell) also introduced Pocahontas close up in her pedigree. Her sire was either Thormanby (Melbourne - Alice Hawthorn by Muley Moloch - Rebecca) or Melbourne (Humphrey Clinker - Cervantes mare). Woodbine (Stockwell - Honeysuckle by Touchstone) was out of a full sister to Newminster and established a family of enormous quality particularly through Feronia - a full sister to Violet - and Hedge Rose (by Neptunus).

Paradoxical (Timothy - Inchbonny by Sterling) was another ancestor of great importance. Her sire Timothy was one of the rare sons of Hermit (Newminster - Seclusion by Tadmor) while his dam, Lady Masham, was a daughter of Maid of Masham (Don John - Miss Lydia by Belshazzar). Maid of Masham was the direct tail female ancestress of Bona Vista (sire of Isonomy) and Fair Play (sire of Man O'War). Seclusion (Tadmor - Miss Sellon by Cowl) was by a son of Ion. Tadmor was out of the Sultan mare Palmyra (Sultan - Hester by Camel). Miss Sellon (Cowl - Belle Dame by Belshazzar) was sired by a Bay Middleton son, while his dam was out of the Priam daughter, Crucifix. Belle Dame was by Belshazzar out of Ellen - a daughter of the Waxy line sire, Starch - and she descended in tail female to Young Hag.

Inchbonny (Sterling - Casuistry by The Miner) was a daughter of a very important broodmare. The Miner (Rataplan - Manganese) was the full brother of Mineral - the dam of Wenlock. Casuistry was out of Lady Caroline (Orlando - Lady Blanche by Stockwell) while her granddam was Clementina (Venison - Cobweb by Phantom) which descended to Web.Venison (Partisan - Fawn by Smolensko) was an interesting individual. Partisan's dam, Parasol, was a daughter of Prunella (dam of Penelope) while Fawn was by Smolensko (Sorcerer - Wowski, daughter of Maria - dam of Waxy) out of Jerboa (Gohanna - Camilla).

We can therefore see repetitions of the important ancestral elements of Isinglass in every quarter of La Troienne's pedigree. There is no doubt that the presence of Olympia, Termagant and Banter were collectively as important as that of Everlasting. The offspring of these mares were numerous in the pedigree of both horses. La Troienne had a number of separate Bend Or - Macaroni nicks in her important ancestors. I believe the presence of Banter empowered not only this nick, she was also the key to the successful Isonomy - Hermit nick. My reasons for this belief are beyond the scope of the present article but will be addressed in the future.

More importantly, the pedigree of La Troienne brings with it the foundation mares of many of the prolific broodmare families which established their credentials as the dams of top quality horses. Some of these have already been mentioned, and from their descendants there was ample opportunity for these to cross back over and reappear in the pedigrees of many of the offspring of La Troienne and her own vast dynasty of descendants


There is little doubt that Isinglass produced perhaps a fairly disappointing number of good sons and, of these, only John O'Gaunt was exceptional. The impact of the stud career of John O'Gaunt through his full sibling sons Swynford - sire of Blandford - and Harry Of Hereford - sire of Annette K., the granddam of War Admiral - extends throughout the 20th century.

Equally, Isinglass will be perpetually remembered for producing a number of exceptional broodmares which made a profound impact on the development of the modern Thoroughbred. Goody Two Shoes, dam of Simon's Shoes and Charles O'Malley, made an outstanding contribution. The other daughters of Isinglass mentioned in this article have all made a lasting and valuable contribution to the upgrading of the breed.

In examining the pedigrees of these broodmares it is impossible not to notice the patterns of excellence which have emerged over time. These are worthy of restating for a clearer understanding of the importance of the presence of Isinglass in the deeper removes of modern pedigrees. The combination of Waxy - Penelope which produced Whalebone and Whisker was a very effective genetic mix, as it fused together the lines of Eclipse, Herod and Matchem in their progeny. When this combination was expanded to bring in the female sibling Web, which was introduced via Glencoe, it also brought in the connection to Everlasting - a daughter of Eclipse and a tail female descendant of the Regulus mare Fribble's Dam. This also introduced the connection to the Alexander mare ex Eclipse, Virago and also Young Giantess which descended from Giantess.

The result of this was Pocahontas. When Pocahontas was put to The Baron, it produced line breeding to Orville and thereby brought in the very important presence of Termagant. This union created Stockwell and Rataplan. In turn, when these two full brothers crossed over over it created Isinglass.

The genesis of Isinglass was greatly assisted by the presence in Isonomy and Dead Lock of key descendants of the broodmares previously mentioned, plus the presence now of descendants of Camilla, Treasure, Maiden, Creeping Polly and Olympia. Isinglass seemed to have combined all of these ancestors in a way which provided a concentrated source of transmission of the best of these ancestral elements to his offspring. The achievement of this feat was brought about by repeated instances of the fusing together of the best lines of earlier generations in the creation of the key elements of his pedigree thus projecting forward the quality inherent from the union.

This subsequently made the duplication of Isinglass in pedigrees enormously successful, as can be seen in the pedigree of Blenheim (Blandford - Malva). Blandford was a great grandson of Isinglass, while Malva (Charles O'Malley - Wild Arum) was sired by the son of a daughter of Isinglass. Once again, the quality inherent in Isinglass was projected forward into the resultant foal - Blenheim.

One of the strongest lines of Isinglass passed through Goody Two Shoes down to Rough Shod (by Gold Bridge) which produced the full siblings Ridan and his brother, Lt Stevens, and their sisters, Moccassin and Thong (by Nantallah). The most important of these was Thong which produced a sextet of excellent horses from her 13 foals. These included the under-rated Mr Prospector brothers, Dusty Boots and Geiger Counter - the latter currently only starting to approach his full potential in Australia - and the Round Table son, King Pellinore.

Thong's best progeny were the full siblings by Forli. These were Thatch and his sisters, Lisadell and Special. Of this trio, Special was the most significant, as she was the dam of the half siblings Nureyev (by Northern Dancer) and Fairy Bridge (by Bold Reason). Nureyev was an instant success at stud and continued in the same vein. Fairy Bridge was the dam of one of the world's current premier sires, Sadler's Wells (by Northern Dancer) and his full brothers, Fairy King, Tate Gallery and Pereguino and their full sister Fairy Gold.

The progressive consolidation in the genetic strength originating from Goody Two Shoes, which occurred via Rough Shod and culminating in Fairy Bridge and her sons, has created the ideal circumstances to conduct a breeding experiment. It would be of more than academic interest to find out if by placing Sadler's Wells and Fairy King in the same position in a pedigree as Stockwell and Rataplan, respectively, were in the pedigree of Isinglass, if you could recreate Isinglass.

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